Medicaid Reform Matters to Missouri Women

Having coverage expands affordability and access to health care services. Women with health insurance coverage utilize critical preventive care such as mammographies and pap tests at significantly higher rates than women without coverage. Women without health insurance coverage often experience limited access to care, lower standards of care when it is accessible, and face disparities in health outcomes. 

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Alarming Trends In Hospital Utilization For Opioid Overuse In Missouri

According to a recent national study, inpatient hospitalizations for opioid overuse among adults in the U.S. have increased 153 percent throughout the last 20 years. Missouri has not been shielded from these national trends.

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Asthma In Missouri

Asthma is the most-commonly diagnosed chronic condition for pediatric patients in hospital settings in Missouri. Throughout fiscal year 2014, more than 304,000 Missouri children ages 0 to 17 were treated in a hospital, with more than 847,000 encounters. Read the full report about hospital utilization for pediatric asthma. 

A Healthier Missouri Starts with You!

Missouri Health Matters

Without Medicaid reform, Missouri will continue to lose billions in federal funding to strengthen the state’s health care system and bring access to health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Missourians.

Since Jan. 1, 2014, inaction has cost Missouri:


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