Medicaid Reform Matters to Rural Missouri

Health care in rural Missouri is at risk. Two rural Missouri hospitals have closed. The vast majority of Missouri’s rural hospitals are sole community providers and/or critical access hospitals — providing the only available care in some areas and economic benefits to their communities. Rural residents are less likely to have employer-provided health insurance or prescription drug coverage. They also have high rates of poverty. This makes the need for health insurance coverage through Medicaid reform crucial to rural Missourians.

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Medicaid Reform Matters to Missouri Veterans

The fighting men and women of our armed services – we rely on them to defend our values, and our way of life. When they leave the service, our troops should be able to rely on our support. But, too often, veterans and their families don’t get the services they deserve. William Mahoney and Dr. Brian Clonts, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Cox Medical Center Branson and proud veterans, share why Medicaid reform matters to Missouri veterans.

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Be a Voice for Medicaid Reform in 2015

More than 1,000 organizations, which represent more than 1 million Missourians, sent a letter to the Missouri General Assembly encouraging a discussion about Medicaid reform and expansion in 2015.  Be a voice for your hospital. Be a voice for your community. Be a voice for Medicaid reform. Send your lawmaker a note about how important Medicaid reform is to you, your hospital and your community.

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Missouri Health Matters

Without Medicaid reform, Missouri will continue to lose billions in federal funding to strengthen the state’s health care system and bring access to health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Missourians.

Since Jan. 1, 2014, inaction has cost Missouri:


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