Court’s Ruling On Missouri Medical Liability Law Increases Health Care Costs

A 2014 court decision that requires hospitals to extend their liability insurance coverage to protect themselves from nonemployees working in the hospital puts health care workers at risk.

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Hospitals Build A Healthy Missouri

The Missouri Hospital Association has released its annual Community Investment Report, which includes community benefit and economic impact data, and underscores hospitals’ essential role in building strong, healthy communities. The report is available to consumers on the association’s  hospital data transparency site,

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United Against Flu

Flu season is here. Influenza activity generally begins to increase in October and peaks between December and March. Long flu seasons can last through May. Get informed on flu season facts and get your flu shot before it’s too late!

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Celebrate Missouri Hospitals

Missouri Health Matters. And, hospitals are an essential part of Missouri’s efforts to maintain individual health and build strong, healthy communities. Join us in paying tribute to the hardworking, compassionate and necessary members of our communities that serve in our hospitals.

Thank a Hospital Hero

Missouri Health Matters

A healthy Missouri starts with you! Together we can help maintain the strength of the state’s health care system and begin building a better, healthier Missouri.