Support the Reform of Medicaid Managed Care and SB 1111

The best health care decisions are made between a patient and their doctor. And, health care providers should spend their time treating patients, not pushing paperwork.


SB 1111 will reform Medicaid managed care to allow just that, among other important changes to ease regulatory burdens and bureaucracy.

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469% Increase In Uncompensated Care At Missouri Hospitals In 10 Years

The Missouri Hospital Association has released its annual Community Investment Report, which includes community benefit and economic impact data, and underscores hospitals’ essential role in building strong, healthy communities. The report is available to consumers on the association’s completely revised hospital data transparency site,

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A Healthier Missouri Starts with You!

Missouri Health Matters

Without Medicaid reform, Missouri will continue to lose billions in federal funding to strengthen the state’s health care system and bring access to health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Missourians.

Since Jan. 1, 2014, inaction has cost Missouri:


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