Your Vote Matters

This election, your vote matters for Missouri health care. Get informed on the issues and make your voice heard on Nov. 8. Learn more about the candidates, what’s at stake this election, and how to register to vote.

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Celebrate Missouri Hospitals

Missouri Health Matters. And, hospitals are an essential part of Missouri’s efforts to maintain individual health and build strong, healthy communities. Join us in paying tribute to the hardworking, compassionate and necessary members of our communities that serve in our hospitals.

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Mapping Missouri’s Health Care Workforce

Hospitals throughout the nation are facing a significant challenge recruiting and retaining qualified health care workers in a highly competitive labor market. Missouri is no different. Learn what Missouri hospitals are doing to make progress toward the workforce of the future. 

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Missouri Health Matters

Your vote matters.

On Nov. 8, Missourians will have the opportunity to elect candidates that support a healthier Missouri. We’re working to help Missourians make informed choices! 

There are many important issues at stake this election. We surveyed Missouri’s major-party candidates for governor, Republican Eric Greitens and Democrat Chris Koster, about their views on health care. In addition, we have information about the candidates, ballot issues and how to get registered and vote in the general election. Learn more here.