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Thank Your Hospital Hero

There are 150,000 hospital heroes serving Missouri’s communities. Do you have a Hospital Hero that has helped you or a loved one during a time of need? Take a couple minutes to say “thank you.”

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Make Your Voice Heard

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Missouri recently notified emergency service providers that they would deny coverage for services already provided when Anthem decides the services were not for a true emergency. But, will some individuals delay or not seek important and life-saving care when they may really need it? If you have had a negative experience with Anthem after seeking or providing emergency services, we want to hear about it.

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Celebrate Missouri Hospitals

Missouri Health Matters. And, hospitals are an essential part of Missouri’s efforts to maintain individual health and build strong, healthy communities. Join us in paying tribute to the hardworking, compassionate and necessary members of our communities that serve in our hospitals.

Hospital Hero Hall of Fame

Missouri Health Matters

A healthy Missouri starts with you! Together we can help maintain the strength of the state’s health care system and begin building a better, healthier Missouri.