How Likely Are You To End Up In The Hospital?

When it comes to risk taking, some people shudder at the mere thought of it. Others aren’t afraid to get their knees scraped. And then there are those who operate on their own safety island – where the word safety doesn’t exist. How safe are you? 

 Take this short quiz and see how likely you are to end up in stitches. 


When using a ladder, you:

* Please make your selection *


When you hear a train a-comin’, you:

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Your instincts when approaching a hornet's nest are:

* Please make your selection *


Power tools like mowers and chain saws should be operated:

* Please make your selection *


If you get a flat tire on the highway, you:

* Please make your selection *


Safety Sam

Part safety pin, part caution sign, part Smokey the Bear.


Stuck in the Middle

One-foot safe at home, one-foot bent backward.


Whirling Dervish

Just go to the hospital now. Do not pass go.