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Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital Physical Therapist

“… Our daughter, Shruthi, was adopted from India in 2010. Shruthi was born with Larsen Syndrome causing limb deformities from her head to her toes, including legs that bent backward. Through these past seven years of many surgeries to correct her limb deformities, Julie found a way to help Shruthi and get physical therapy even when her body won’t cooperate. Julie has not only been such an encourager, but always a rock through the difficult times, even calling after hours to check on Shruthi. Watching a child struggle is hard on a mom and at times when I question if I am doing the right thing for Shruthi, Julie is there with open arms and ears. Shruthi is happy to see Julie each time we go to therapy and pushes herself harder because she knows Julie is right there cheering her on. Quite frankly, I could not have made it through these past seven years without Julie. Because of Julie, Shruthi has a ‘can do’ attitude that never stops. We are so thankful for our Julie that words cant fully express it. Julie deserves to be thanked as she not only is an excellent physical therapist, but works from her heart.”