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Kathy, R.N.

Hannibal Regional Healthcare System Med-Surg Nurse

“When something awful or traumatic happens in your life, sometimes there is light that shines through to let you know that it will all be okay. That light for us was in the form of a nurse at Hannibal Regional Hospital. My 5-year-old daughter was admitted to the hospital after being sick for a few days and what seemed to be a possible abscess on her tonsil. They wanted to put her under in surgery to look at an possibly remove her tonsils. After a complication shortly after she was under anesthesia, she vomited and aspirated. She took enough into her lung that they wouldn’t work on their own anymore. They immediately put her on a ventilator and decided to fly her to Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis. Once our floor nurse Kat Calhoun heard the news she immediately packed all of our belongings for me (something that was not on my mind at all) and hurried to the waiting room. I was a mess and I was having trouble comprehending the news. Kat remained by my side, held my hand, and talked me through it right up until they loaded her into the helicopter and I had to leave. (Stabilizing her for the helicopter took a long time). She made sure I knew there wasn’t anything else more important right at that moment than making sure we would be okay. She hugged me and assured me things would turn out great. She was the light in my darkness. She is an exceptional nurse that you could only hope to have in a situation like that. She went above any beyond her job description and helped me through an awful and uncertain time. She is my Hospital Hero!”