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Make Medicaid Work Better

“Thirty-one states — 11 led by Republicans — have accepted Obamacare funding to extend Medicaid to anyone earning less than 138 percent of the federal poverty line (about $16,400 for an individual). As a result, at least 10 million Americans have insurance who would lose it without the expansion.

“Most of these beneficiaries say they’re satisfied with the coverage. And their governors — including Vice President-elect Mike Pence of Indiana — have credited the expansion with encouraging preventive care, cutting emergency-room visits and saving money on health care. What’s more, the Medicaid expansion has succeeded without discouraging employment, as some people worried it might.

“Whatever the problems with other parts of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (chiefly, rising premiums in the state insurance exchanges), Medicaid expansion has worked. Rolling it back now would hurt state budgets, the health care industry and, most of all, the newly insured.”

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