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The policy decisions made in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C., affect the health care delivered in your community.  Missouri Health Matters offers both original research and links to the best outside sources to help shape the conversation about health care in your community and statewide.

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  • HIV Remains Persistent Problem In Missouri — Especially In Rural Areas

    The number of new HIV cases in Missouri is on the rise — and a disproportionately large number are in rural counties. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified Missouri as one of seven states with a “substantial rural burden” — noting that it has more than 75 cases and 10 percent or more of […]

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  • Fentanyl-Linked Deaths: The U.S. Opioid Epidemic’s Third Wave Begins

    Men are dying after opioid overdoses at nearly three times the rate of women in the United States. Overdose deaths are increasing faster among black and Latino Americans than among whites. And there’s an especially steep rise in the number of young adults ages 25 to 34 whose death certificates include some version of the […]

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  • Missouri Medicaid Expansion Likely Would Pay For Itself, Report Finds

    Missouri likely would not have to spend any additional money to expand Medicaid to insure more low-income people, according to a report from the Washington University Center on Health Economics and Policy. The state spends nearly $4 billion to provide Medicaid to people with disabilities, pregnant women, children and some seniors. Researchers say adding people who make […]

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  • Missouri Hospitals Benefit Their Communities

    Missouri’s hospitals invest in their communities in various ways. One of the most important is hospitals’ role in providing a safety net for individuals who need medical services but can’t afford their care. However, this is not the only contribution hospitals make to improve individual and community health. Hospitals invest in services and programs — […]

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  • What Other States Can Teach Kansas And Missouri About Expanding Medicaid

    Health care advocates in Kansas and Missouri are hopeful that 2019 will be the year that hundreds of thousands of people can get health care coverage through expansion of Medicaid. It’s been blocked in both states by Republicans who question the price tag, but now that many states have had expanded Medicaid for several years, […]

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  • The Opioid Epidemic In Missouri

    The fastest growing drug problem across the U.S. and Missouri is the misuse and abuse of opioid-based pain relievers. In 2017, more than 47,500 Americans died from an opioid-related overdose. This marked a 165 percent increase since 2008 — more than double in a decade. In 2017, there were 954 deaths from motor vehicle accidents […]

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  • Rural Health In Missouri – Opportunities for Improvement

    The effort to #ReimagineRuralHealth in Missouri is underway. In 2019, the state made significant progress in efforts to strengthen rural health, hospitals and communities. Additional progress is necessary to support a sustainable system. In 2020, the Missouri Hospital Association’s rural health priorities center around 3 core areas. Strengthen rural infrastructure to strengthen rural health Invest […]

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  • Your Vote Matters

    Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Will you make your voice heard and strengthen the health care system in Missouri? Your voice matters, and your vote matters. Check your registration status here. More frequently asked questions: How do I vote? What do I bring to the polls? Where is my polling place? What candidates and […]

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  • Opioid Use Disorder Resources

    Several Missouri initiatives expand access to integrated prevention, treatment and recovery support services for individuals with OUD. Opioid-STR Project, funded through SAMHSA, expands access to integrated prevention, treatment and recovery support services for individuals with OUD throughout the state. MO-HOPE Project, funded through SAMHSA, provides resources to reduce opioid overdose deaths in Missouri through expanded […]

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  • Disaster and Emergency Planning

    Emergencies can strike anytime. A tornado, a flood or even a terrorist attack can change lives. Missouri families, communities, businesses and schools need to take steps today to prepare for an emergency. Preparing today can save lives! Ready in 3 can help! Endorsed by the American Red Cross, the State Emergency Management Agency and Missouri’s […]

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